CLS Assessment Designathon!

September 25, 2019

October 2, 2-5pm — Irvine, CA

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We are excited to host a Playful Assessment Designathon on the day before the Connected Learning Summit conference. It will be open to everyone interested in making assessment more fun and less stressful—no conference registration necessary! Held in an unconference style, we will come with a couple of prompts and challenges related to the Playful Journey Lab’s work in embedded assessment and game-based assessment. And we will open the floor to participants to suggest needs they see in assessment or ideas they would like to explore. We will form groups organically and spend the time designing, prototyping, and imagining a more playful future for assessment!

If you plan to join us, please RSVP here: https://forms.gle/5ZU9UoqaZdpec9TZ8

What to expect

  • The event will be largely driven by participants, unconference style – the teams will be formed based on who is there and what their interests are
  • It will be a constructionist, exploratory, and social learning experience where we all learn from each other by creating and discussing

How to participate

  • If you want to come at the beginning and stay through the end, that’s great!
  • If you want to pop in and out, that’s fine too!

Kinds of assessments we care about

  • Anything you think is exciting – formative assessment, assessment for learning, playful assessment, self-assessment, the sky’s the limit. We will provide some example of a game-based assessment, and embedded maker assessment, a performance task, and a portfolio assessment. We are less interested in multiple choice tests but even that could be exciting if you make a case for why!

Activities during the event

You will be able to:

  • Browse examples of assessments for inspiration
  • Browse a set of future-ready skills for inspiration
  • Form a group around an idea you want to explore
  • Join a group working on designing an assessment
  • Go through a mini assessment design process
  • Make assessment friends!

Assessment design process

We will provide guidance on a set of steps we use with our team:

  • Selecting & defining constructs
  • Deciding how to embed it in a curriculum
  • Designing the data collection process for students to demonstrate the construct
  • Designing ways to interpret the results
  • Designing ways to communicate the interpretation