Our values

  1. Put it into practice! – We put our research and designs into the world in order to get feedback, improve our processes, and ensure that the tools we create have broad, deep, and real-world impact.
  2. Bringing our whole selves – We believe that for deep learning to happen, learners should feel that all parts of them are welcome and respected. Similarly, in order for us to do impactful, innovative work, we need to honor all parts of our team members. This means respecting each person’s work-life or school-life balance, as well as recognizing that the interests and experiences they bring from all areas of their lives have value for the learning and creating that we do together.
  3. Equity – We push ourselves to articulate and think critically about how our work can be used to improve people’s lives and to be cognisant of whose lives our work tends to benefit. 
  4. Using technology mindfully – We recognize that digital technologies can be powerful learning tools, but that adopting them comes with tradeoffs. We work to understand when to apply digital technology to education problems appropriately in ways that balance our goals with the negative impacts of the technology. 
  5. Learning is a journey – Increasingly, the learning that happens in schools and during school ages is insufficient to meet the evolving needs of work and society throughout life. We study, design, and support experiences that create inspired lifelong and lifewide learning and that enable individuals to develop skills and dispositions they can use to continue to develop across their lives. 
  6. Empowerment – People who control their learning are more likely to develop interest in what they learn and ownership over the outcomes, sustaining them beyond school. Our work aims to improve individuals’ capacity and opportunity for self-determination, empowering lifelong learning.
  7. Play – Playing games, messing around with new ideas, having fun with each other – these are things we not only enjoy, but that support innovation and are essential to our well-being. We build a culture of curiosity and connection through playful learning, playful assessment, and playing together.