The MIT Playful Journey Lab within the Office of Open Learning uses emerging technologies and a playful assessment approach to explore frontiers in lifelong, lifewide learning, and to support the development of future-ready skills.

Pyramids are Strange

Shout out to Somerville math students who playtested Shadowspect this summer! A class of brave geometry students, getting ready for their first year of high school, got a chance to experiment with Shadowspect as a playful tool for reviewing geometric thinking. After a brief 5 minute introduction to the game, students were let loose to [...]

Introducing the Beyond Rubrics Toolkit

Maker-centered learning in schools can potentially transform K-12 education by promoting process-oriented, student-driven learning. However, the question of how to implement assessment is one of the most critical challenges teachers and schools face when attempting to truly integrate making into their curriculum. Many maker classrooms use rubrics to assess final products and portfolios, but evidence […]

Playful Journey Launch!

It has been quite a journey getting to the point of launching this new lab. We all worked on a variety of projects out of other labs before finding the ways that those assessment, play, and technology projects could come together to impact the learning of future-ready skills. Because of this, we have a great […]