The MIT Playful Journey Lab within the Office of Open Learning uses emerging technologies and a playful assessment approach to explore frontiers in lifelong, lifewide learning, and to support the development of future-ready skills.

Summer Journeyer Applications Open

Applications are open for our new fellowship program, called Summer Journeyers! Our goal is to create a community of practice where we build, play, experiment, and innovate in assessment and learning. We’re excited to bring new people and ideas into our lab this summer, and are asking for submissions by May 15.

Playful Journey Launch!

It has been quite a journey getting to the point of launching this new lab. We all worked on a variety of projects out of other labs before finding the ways that those assessment, play, and technology projects could come together to impact the learning of future-ready skills. Because of this, we have a great […]

Playful Assessment

When we look at today‚Äôs schools as a system, it is easy to see that one important component of that system is assessment, and that in order to improve the whole system, we must have assessments that work well with all other components. In recent years there has been a push for instruction to become […]