The MIT Playful Journey Lab within the Office of Open Learning uses emerging technologies and a playful assessment approach to explore frontiers in lifelong, lifewide learning, and to support the development of future-ready skills.

Our Learning Engineering Journey

The Playful Journey Lab, together with the MIT Integrated Learning Initiative (MITili), has a project which has been ramping up over the past semester, and which will make connections with many other research groups at MIT and beyond. It is called Project Blueprint, and it is meant to explore the practice of learning engineering and […]

Baking Oreos™ at home.

Post by Peter Kirschmann, Senior Learning Designer Last summer, I went to a book talk by Stella Parks, author of the cookbook BraveTart: Iconic American Desserts. Stella went to the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and trained as a pastry chef. While writing her book, she used this specialized training to look closely at Oreos […]

Beyond Dashboards: The Journey thus Far

Post by Aditi Parekh, Assessment Designer and Researcher The Beyond Dashboards team has been abuzz for the last few weeks! But first, a little story to show us why we call ourselves that. We started by asking, what kind of a teacher-facing dashboard do we want to build to communicate insights from Shadowspect? Until, someone […]

Makerspaces Have Mundanity Too

While makerspaces are often seen as an exciting new place full of ideas and innovation, we forget that it needs to be supported by effective operations and management. In this post we speak more about these challenges and how to support makerspaces effectively.

Prototyping a Fellowship Program

This summer we welcomed our first cohort of Summer Journeyers! From graduate students to experienced teachers, the group brought a diverse set of backgrounds and interests to the lab. They worked collaboratively on projects directly connected to the lab’s work, and on their own independent projects.

Reimagining Teachers’ Assessment Literacy

What does teachers’ assessment literacy mean in the era of big data and AI? How can we create data tools that help educators become fluent and informed users of data and AI-driven suggestions? In the Playful Journey Lab, we’ll tackle those questions and much more — thanks to a new grant award from the NSF Cyberlearning program.