Collaborative Projects

August 11, 2019

The Summer Journeyers came together to produce a video for our SXSW EDU Panel Picker submission. It was a team effort, good bonding, and lots of fun!

To try out some materials and techniques, we did a group clock project using a Klockit with a 3D printed faceplate. Lab members creatively interpreted their numeral to show their playful personalities!

To wrap up our summer journey together, we hosted an Open House on August 28. We wanted to celebrate the work the Journeyers had done and give them a chance to share it with the larger education community at MIT and in the Boston area. It was also an opportunity for friends of the lab to understand more about what we are designing and researching, and get to know our playful personalities! Our guests joined in some participatory exhibits, connected through conversations about the future of assessment and learning, and decorated playful cupcakes. We can’t wait to have everyone over again next summer!