Learning Engineering Project Blueprint

With support from Schmidt Futures, Playful Journey Lab collaborates with the MIT Integrated Learning Initiative (MITili) on Project Blueprint to synthesize what Learning Engineering means within the MIT community and facilitate and guide working groups to produce work plans. The project will investigate the following questions regarding MIT’s perspectives about Learning Engineering: What are existing notions and definitions of LE, what’s missing, and what’s MIT’s stance? In defining this emerging field and profession, how can MIT draw diverse computer science and engineering talents to LE?  How can MIT’s LE approach be applied in real school contexts?

This project has several key goals – to clearly define MIT’s approach to learning engineering, to develop emerging talent in the profession, to map out the opportunities and challenges in implementing learning engineering to improve pK-12 outcomes, and to field test a working example of such implementation as a proof of concept for future work in this important and emerging field.