Louisa Rosenheck

Louisa has an Associate Director role in the lab, which means maintaining a high level of playfulness and an innovative eye to pedagogy, across projects in the lab. More concretely, she manages the design, content, and development of a wide array of educational technology projects. She also brings the playfulness of games into her assessment design work, creating digital and non-digital tools to help both students and teachers assess creative work and soft skills. In addition to these areas, she supports other designers and organizations in creating innovative ed tech and curriculum. Through capacity building partnerships on local and international ed tech programs, and through teaching in the TIE program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, she aims to increase the deep learning in games and tools being produced for education. Prior to becoming a researcher at MIT, Louisa worked in public media and website production, and also taught English as Second Language to children and adults of all ages. She holds a BA in computer science from Brown University and an EdM in Technology, Innovation, and Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.