Playful Journey Launch!

March 1, 2019

It has been quite a journey getting to the point of launching this new lab. We all worked on a variety of projects out of other labs before finding the ways that those assessment, play, and technology projects could come together to impact the learning of future-ready skills. Because of this, we have a great start on projects in playful assessment, maker education, competency-based education, and more. And we are excited for the opportunity to grow this area of work in its new, dedicated home, the Playful Journey Lab. Learning is a journey we take throughout our lives, in and out of school. In order to be prepared for an unpredictable future, we need to cultivate an assessment mindset and technology literacies, all of which benefit greatly from a playful approach. This is why we come together through play to journey into the future of assessment and learning. We’re celebrating this launch at SXSW EDU 2019, and we’re so glad to have our friends at Open Learning, the broader MIT community, and partners around the world, along with us on our journey.