Inviting Math teachers to Playful Design Fellowship!

February 2, 2020

We have developed a game-based assessment called Shadowspect which assesses spatial reasoning by asking players to assemble 3D shapes into a single solution that matches 2D silhouettes from different angles. You can play the game here. We now want to create an interactive reporting tool that can communicate insights from Shadowspect and help teachers provide better instruction and assessment on geometry and spatial reasoning.

We are looking for mathematics teachers to join us as Design Fellows in co-designing this reporting tool for educators! 

You are a great fit for this opportunity if you are

  • A Massachusetts mathematics teacher for middle or high school
  • Based in or around the greater-Boston area with ability to commute to MIT Cambridge once a month
  • Enthusiastic about and regularly use technology in the classroom
  • Excited to design a data tool for your teaching community
  • Able to commit to 12-15 in-person design workshops hosted at MIT spread throughout March 2020 – February 2021 (on average, one workshop per month)

At our monthly design workshops, Design Fellows will attend and work in collaboration with members of the Playful Journey Lab in order to share their perspectives on teaching and formative assessment, co-design aspects of our reporting tool, and provide feedback on different prototypes of our tool. There are no pre-requisites in research/design that we’re looking for, and part of the uniqueness of this co-design/PD program is that Design Fellows will shape the course of the activities we undertake in specific sessions.

Dates for these sessions will be decided based on input from the Design Fellow cohort, and timings are likely to be during after-school hours or weekends. We may also occasionally request to schedule phone calls and school visits. 

Design Fellows will be compensated with a $2,500 stipend for their participation in the entire project and completion of all co-design activities. This stipend will be split into two payments with Design Fellows receiving half of the stipend half-way through the project and the remaining half at the end of the project. Design Fellows who choose to withdraw at any point will not be eligible for any as of yet unreceived payments. We are also pleased to offer 5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) OR 50 Professional Development Points (PDPs) for your participation in the estimated 50 hours of co-design and assessment literacy research. 

If this sounds interesting to you, please let us know of your interest by filling out this form. We are accepting applications until February 27 and will reach out to shortlisted candidates for a short phone call to answer any questions and share more about the role. If you have questions in the meantime, please reach out to Aditi Parekh at aditiup@mit.edu. Thank you!